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CNG Tank Brackets

Cenergy Solutions provides premium CNG tank brackets. When making the switch to a better energy system, you want to be sure that you’re using premium materials that will work right the first time and last for years to come. This is why the CNG industry across the country is choosing CNG brackets for their vehicular gaseous fuel systems. Our products are carefully designed so that they can withstand the weight and expansion characteristics of high-pressure CNG tanks.

The Best CNG Tank Brackets

We use premium materials in our CNG tank brackets, and we take the time to test every design before rolling it out to our customers. They’re built to meet the National Fire Protections Associations standards (NFPA) Sec. 52, Vehicular Gaseous Fuel Systems Code in addition they’re available in a range of options. Choose from stack-able units, cascade mounting configurations, stacks, and shields.

Custom Orders Available from Cenergy Solutions

We’re happy to accommodate your custom orders. In addition to our standard sizes and braces, we can also provide you with gravel guards and shields to keep your high-pressure tanks secure and safe. If you’re upgrading an entire fleet, then let’s make the process easier for you with our custom ordering options.

Durable Finishes for Better Results

Make your transition smoother by going with high-end materials. Our brackets are made of quality steel and then powder coated with a black finish. Reinforcement tabs help them stand up to the extreme pressure levels, and also stop strap hardware serves as an additional support measure. We also include an extruded Neoprene liner for an ideal fit with every transition. We have specific profiles and straps that are supplied as pairs, including:

  • Profile A-1, A-2, B, C
  • CNG tank straps diameters of 10.5”, 12.75”, 14.1”, 15.6”, 16” and 16.7”

CNG Tank Brackets | Code Compliant

All of our equipment is in full compliance with EPA and DOT guidelines, so you can confidently make the switch to a clean, natural gas system. We maintain high standards of quality control in our plant, so you can benefit from the uniformity and consistency of our parts and pieces.

CNG Cylinder Brackets | Cenergy Solutions

CNG Tank Brackets

Cenergy Solutions offers top quality CNG tank brackets to mount our cylinders for your application. They are designed and tested to withstand the weight and expansion characteristics of CNG cylinders.  These CNG tank brackets meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Vehicular Gaseous Fuel Systems Code.

Sizes indicates actual diameter of the cylinder in inches. CNG tank brackets are supplied as pairs only. Included are Extruded Liner and Top Strap Hardware.  Backing Plates may be requested at no additional charge. Material is 188 steel, powder coat black, reinforcement tabs and extruded Neoprene liner included.

10.5″ LX10504 A-1
10.5″ LX10504B A-2
10.5″ LX10504 B, C
12.8″ LX12704 A-1
12.8″ LX12704B A-2
12.8″ LX12704 B, C
14.1″ LX14104 A-1
14.1″ LX14104B A-2
14.1″ LX14104 B, C
15.6″ PS15604 A-1
15.6″ PS15604B A-2
15.6″ PS15604 B, C
15.9″ TY15904 A-1
15.9″ TY15904B A-2
15.9″ TY15904 B, C
16″ LP16004 A-1
16″ LP16004B A-2
16″ LP16004 B, C
16.7″ CS16704 A-1
16.7″ CS16704B A-2
16.7″ CS16704 B, C
18.1” CS18104 A-1
18.1” CS18104 B, C
19” OP19004 A-1
19” OP19004B A-2
21” LX21104 A-1
21” LX21104B A-2
  • Product meets or exceeds NFPA 52 requirements for “Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicular Fuel Systems” specifications.
  • CNG tank brackets are covered by manufacturers 10 year limited warranty.

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