Cenergy Solutions, a global energy storage company, CNG/ANG component manufacturer and distributor was founded in 2012. The company was founded by seasoned businessmen who want to help reduce pollution and oil dependency around the world.

Our mission is to replace the use of gasoline, diesel and propane with natural gas and bio-methane along with capturing methane gas before it enters the atmosphere.

Natural gas is the bridge fuel that can help the world reduce its dependence on crude oil. Therefore Cenergy Solutions has found a way to use natural gas efficiently and cost effectively in many different applications. This will help individuals, businesses and governments around the world with their energy usage.

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Cenergy Solutions Develops New ANG

Cenergy Solutions has created an industry disruptive solution. Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology which can store significantly more natural gas with adsorbents at much lower pressures than conventional Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders.

Cenergy has proven this technology in natural gas vehicle cylinders as well as propane replacement cylinders and bio-methane storage tanks. Activated carbon efficiently adsorbs and desorbs the natural gas on demand. Natural gas is stored in ANG tanks in an almost liquid state thus it makes it easier to store more natural gas in a smaller space.

Specifically, Cenergy’s technology helps consumers and small businesses convert to compressed natural gas (CNG) to reduce their vehicle fuel bills with significant advantages over existing solutions.

ANG technology enables the storage of large amounts of natural gas at pressures between 100-1000 psi instead of the industry standard of 3,000-3,600 psi. Cenergy’s technology will also make cost-effective ANG conformable tanks to replace high-cost, conventional gasoline or diesel tanks.

Cenergy’s ANG technology can also take advantage of the natural gas distribution lines. These lines are running to 80% of the homes and businesses in the US making fueling options much more accessible.

This will help resolve the capital intensive infrastructure and high fueling pressure requirements the NGV industry has faced for decades. NGV’s produce at least 20% less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-powered vehicles throughout the fuel life cycle.

Several companies and natural gas utilities have unsuccessfully tried to make use of ANG in commercial applications. In 2014, Cenergy developed a novel solution that resolves the issues of desorption that stifled ANG’s progress.

Cenergy is now in the process of bringing ANG to market. Our working prototype ANG cylinders have been operational for over 20,000 miles on a Chevrolet Suburban with an 8.1 liter engine.

Cenergy Solutions delivered it’s first commercial ANG vehicle in late 2015. This ANG vehicle is a Dodge Ram 2500 with a 5.3 liter engine, and is an OEM CNG dedicated vehicle.

Cenergy Solutions has tested the vehicle with our preparatory, patent pending ANG tank and system. This system has seen great results operating under a variety of driving conditions, including steep mountain grades and at varying ambient air temperatures.

The ANG system stores up to 6 times as much natural gas at 500 psi as a conventional CNG tank. Cenergy Solutions is using DOT compliant cylinders. These cylinders have undergone worst case scenario testing and over a year’s worth of actual on the road testing.

Cenergy Solutions is working with a bio-methane plant to store up to 6 times the amount of natural gas in their existing tanks with ANG technology. This plant has been in operation for two years and distributes their bio-methane to local trash truck, buses and the general public.

Our technology is similarly being tested in Cenergy’s Fremont, California Test Center for farm bio-methane capture and delivery. As well as for home heating and cooking applications in developing countries.

Cenergy Solutions is currently conducting additional field validation testing. In addition to evaluating licensing opportunities and additional capital investment in its ANG technology.