ANG vehicles that have been converted by Cenergy Solutions. This 8.1 liter GM Suburban with two 207 liter ANG tanks drove over 20,000 miles on ANG. It performed as well with ANG as it did with CNG (non-ANG) tanks!

These ANG vehicles were tested in many conditions including high altitudes, heavy pay loads and in varied temperatures.

This vehicle was outfitted with Cenergy Solutions, bi-fuel system that words at low pressures to facilititate the unique charactoristics of storing gas with adsorbents. Our Honda Civic has a 1.9 liter OEM, CNG engine has been outfitted with a 100 liter ANG cylinder.  This ANG cylinder is the same size as the OEM’s original tank, but with the ANG vehicle conversion tank it can be filled to a much lower pressure and still get the driving range needed to operate in normal driving situations.

Lotus Elise, 1.9 liter Supercharged Toyota engine was converted to one of Cenergy Solutions bi-fuel systems in 2013.  It is the second known Lotus Elise to be converted to CNG.  The first was converted by Lotus Manufacturing.

This ANG vehicle will be up-fitted with an ANG tank to test for high volume demands at low pressures coming from an ANG tank.

Dodge Ram, 5.2 liter van up-fitted with an ANG cylinder in December of 2015.  It is still in operation as a fleet vehicle.  It can fill up at high pressure CNG stations or at their slow fill compressors at the business offices.

This vehicle has been tested in high altitudes and under load with the ANG system and it continues to perform as well on the ANG tanks as it does on its other 4 convential tanks.  The owner of this fleet is asking for more of his vehicles to be up-fitted with ANG conversion tanks.

Future ANG vehicle conversion testing is planned to take place in Heavy Duty trucks and various fleet vehicles.