Cenergy Solutions signs collaboration agreement with major international LNG shipbuilder

USGasVehicles.com Cenergy Solutions, a US-based company announces it has signed a collaboration agreement with one of the largest LNG shipbuilders in the world to store boil-off gas without compressing it in high pressure CNG tanks or refrigerating the gas to be restored as LNG. Cenergy’s ANG storage tanks are a safe and economical way of […]

Cenergy Solutions hosts government officials at Thai biogas ANG station open house

USGasVehicles.com Cenergy Solutions, a US-based corporation, held a successful open house showing Government Leaders, a Local TV station and the community how their ANG filling station could utilize and distribute biogas that has been vented from a pig farm for over 30 years. The first phase of this project will supply 180 village homes with […]

Cenergy Solutions is joined by Lance Fanger as their V.P. of Business Development

USGasVehicles.com Cenergy Solutions, a US-based corporation, announced that Lance Fanger has joined their team as their V.P. of Business Development. Mr. Fanger was one of the founders and CEO of Healthsource Global Staffing, a US-based company that staffed medical facilities nationwide. Over a 10-year span he built Healthsource Global Staffing into multimillion dollar company that […]

Cenergy Solutions announces their Global Biogas Capture and Utilization Program

USGasVehicles.com Cenergy Solutions, a leader in low pressure adsorbent natural gas (ANG) technology, has a Biogas (biomethane) Capture and Utilization System to help farms and communities around the world economically store and use their biogas instead of venting or flaring it. It is estimated that trillions of cubic meters of biogas are vented or burned […]

Cenergy Solutions receives patent allowance from the US Patent office for their ANG system

USGasVehicles.com Cenergy Solutions, Inc. has received notice from the US Patent Office that their ANG system has been allowed for a US patent. Additionally, the WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organizations’ International Searching Authority has given an opinion that Cenergy Solutions’ ANG Adsorption/desorption Filter is patentable internationally. Since that time Cenergy Solutions has filed for […]

Cenergy Solutions signs agreement with a Thailand village to use ANG System

USGasVehicles.com Cenergy Solutions, Inc. has entered into an agreement to use Cenergy’s proprietary Adsorbent Natural Gas Storage System to capture biogas that is being vented at several pig farms in Thailand. It is estimated that over 1 trillion cubic meters of biogas is vented or flared each year from farms (30 million in China) that […]

Adsorbent Natural Gas Takes Spotlight at Cenergy Facility

By Michael Bates – NGT News Cenergy Solutions recently completed its first adsorbent natural gas (ANG) training class, bringing together Cenergy distributors and manufacturing representatives to learn about low-pressure ANG systems in natural gas vehicles, conformable ANG tanks, refueling compressors, safety practices and other related to ANG. Cenergy offers DOT-compliant ANG and CNG cylinders and conformable […]