The executive team at Cenergy Solutions has assembled a superior group of executives and professionals with extensive experience in the natural gas industry and successful track record of building startups.

Founders include Owner, President, and Vice President of The Gas Connection, Inc., a 35-year-old natural gas business, and past President of the Rocky Mountain Gas Association.

Gary Fanger, Chief Executive Officer, President

Gary manages Cenergy’s world-wide operations and ANG test facility. Gary has extensive experience starting and developing new businesses. He was the founder of a natural gas installation business from 1972 until 1980.

Since that time Gary has started and run several international and U.S. businesses. Two of the companies he founded were sold to companies on the American and New York Stock exchanges.

Gary is the Team Leader and co-inventor of the patent pending ANG technology that has been developed by Cenergy. He has also been instrumental in Cenergy’s natural gas bi-fuel EPA approved conversion system that is tailored for ANG and CNG systems.

Laura Skinner, Chief Operating Officer

Laura manages the day to day operations at Cenergy’s United States facilities.  Laura has extensive management and HR experience. She also supports the sales and marketing efforts of Cenergy by helping close deals with new and existing clients and suppliers.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from San Francisco State University.

Laura has been part of Cenergy Solutions since it’s inception.

Harbans Gill, NGV Cylinder Engineer, Cenergy Solutions Advisory Committee Member

Harbans has worked in India for 27 years as an engineer for various manufacturing companies of high pressure, high temperature boilers and cylinders to be used in electrical power plants.

He has engineering experience in components like boiler tubes, tanks, coils, super heaters, pipes and other equipment needing high quality welds. He oversaw the manufacturing of large diameter pipes required for crude oil from ports to the refineries.

Harbans has extensive experience in manufacturing, quality control and marketing of metal cylinders, boilers, pipe and other related products.

Gary Cox, Chemist, Cenergy Solutions Advisory Committee Member

Gary has extensive executive team experience with testing and developing products from national and international businesses. He understands the need to reduce pollution in the U.S. and will assist in getting the best vehicle equipment tested and approved to be used in the U.S.

Gary is also helping to develop new products that can help make the conversion of vehicles to CNG more efficient and cost effective. Cenergy will be primarily looking to foreign companies to manufacture these products.